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updated wed 25 apr 01


Bonnie Staffel on tue 24 apr 01

Dear John,

In my opinion you would be better off taking the high school teaching job,
setting up your own studio and use your money to attend workshops which are
devoted to your interests. Then experiment and practice on your own. You
could also invest in good books for reference. You will need to educate
yourself in business processes also. But if you feel you want the ivory
tower existence as a potter, then you need the MFA. You should still do the
workshop route if you want to have a well-rounded education as you possibly
will only have one teacher in the MFA program, generally speaking. Even
then, some college instructors do not do much more than demonstrate the
process and then you are on your own. When I attended Cranbrook, not for a
degree although there were MFA potters attending, we learned more from each
other than from the resident. Just realize that nothing will be handed to
you. You will need to practice, research, ask questions, and set your
goals. Decide where your money will be better spent?
Bonnie Staffel, having over 52 years experience with very little schooling
and mostly self- taught. I had no debt. I saved the money before I bought
equipment. You know that success comes from 10% talent and 90% hard work.