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pottery classes in boise, idaho area? (2nd request)

updated fri 27 apr 01


Stephen Grimmer on wed 25 apr 01

If memory serves, Jim Budde teaches at Boise State University. He is a re=
sweet guy and a talented sculptor. OK facilities, too.


Stephen Grimmer
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

> From: Greg Lamont
> Subject: Pottery Classes in Boise, Idaho area? (2nd request)
> Dear Clayarters in the Boise, Idaho area,
> I posted this last week, but apparently it got lost in the shuffle, so =
> try again:
> A student of mine is moving to Boise, Idaho shortly and wants to contin=
ue with
> pottery classes after she gets settled in. I would appreciate hearing =
> any of you from that area as to what classes might be available?
> Thanks,
> Greg