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seth cardew workshop state college pa

updated fri 27 apr 01


Charles on thu 26 apr 01

Next Friday (May 4th) I will be picking up Mr. Cardew from the airport =3D
and bringing him to=3D20

The Creative Oasis 133 E. Beaver Avenue State College, PA (814) =3D
237-1982 =3D

for two days (May 5 and 6)of teaching, philosophy, discussion and =3D
decorating. The Cardew name is well known through pottery circles across =
the world. This will be Seth's first stop in a tour to celebrate the =3D
re-release of his fathers book Pioneer Pottery. It is unlikely he will =3D
pass through PA again. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Seth will =3D
have many stories from both his life and his fathers life. I encourage =3D
you to visit his website at and see what =3D
kind of tradition this man comes from. Their kiln shed is as big as our =3D
studio and we have a BIG studio!

Day One: Philosophy of clay, wheel throwing beginning with bowls, =3D
progressing to mugs and a variety of other shapes. Handles and =3D
proportion will be covered.

Day Two : Goes on from the above adding the trimming of flatware, =3D
expounds on assembling pots, teapots and other lidded ware and =3D
decoration as banding, brushwork, sgraffiti and slip trailing. The =3D
workshop is always customised to fit the personal preferences and needs =3D
of the sponsor and audience.=3D20

Seth comes to us from the pottery at Wenford Bridge which was founded =3D
in 1939 beside the Camel River in a quiet corner of England. It remains =3D
today, a living tribute to the art of handmade pottery. Stoneware is =3D
wood-fired there as it has been for centuries. Students come from many =3D
parts of the world to study under the patient and attentive touch of =3D
master potter, Seth Cardew.=3D20

But not only at Wenford Bridge can one experience this unique learning =3D
opportunity: Seth carries his dynamic personality and uncanny ability to =
teach, to convey concepts, philosophies and practical knowledge to =3D
enthusiastic audiences at universities, colleges, museums and guilds =3D
throughout much of the English speaking world. He demonstrates at a =3D
potter's wheel and lectures on topics such as line, shape, proportion, =3D
visual rhyme, repetition and echo. He expounds his personal philosophy =3D
of simplicity, honesty and unity within the shape of the pot and in =3D
doing so makes new and exciting concepts and skills accessible to =3D
students of all experience levels.=3D20

-Charles Hughes

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