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weight for ez up canopy

updated fri 27 apr 01


LJTCW@AOL.COM on tue 24 apr 01

Dear All,

With the prospect of my first outside show looming and having purchased an
ez-up, I am curious about people's ideas for weighting the canopy to help
with wind protection.

Our group, the Clay Alliance, is having the first clay only sale on May 5th ,
in Cincinnati Oh, on the grounds of the Rookwood Pottery, where there is now
a restaurant. We have 37 booths and 45 potters represented.

Louise Jenks

Louise Jenks
Turtle Clayworks
Cincinnati OH USA

Pheetie@AOL.COM on wed 25 apr 01


You didn't say whether you were going to be on concrete or grass. For
concrete, I bought thin concrete blocks, drilled holes in the center, and
bolt those to the base of the canopy. For grass, I just stake through th=
holes. For weights, I use 2 gallon water bottles, fill them with water, =
tie them to the corners. When the show is over, dump out the water, and =
are not heavy to carry. Good luck with your show.

Marcia in Chattanooga