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studio ,country or suburbs?

updated wed 2 may 01


Elca Branman on tue 1 may 01

I ran the same kind of operation that Mel recommends, and i agree with
his advice and experience.

We chose to live in the country, about 2 hours away from a big city.. It
was an area full of weekend homes, a few bed and breakfasts and a famous
hiking place nearby that was used in the winter for cross country skiing.

This was terrific, because city people often need something"to do" and a
visit to your local potter qual;ifies, and if you had a big friendly St
Bernard as well as an affectionate Boxer and the potters had a great view
across a valley and a pretty garden and were friendly and told you all
about pots and then welcomed you by name the second time, you had it

And when it rained, every one came, (but then they bought less !!)..a
big bowl of munchies, and something to amuse the kiddies..I tell you, the
cash flow was fun.

A semi- touristic area really worked for us . Also no problems about
outdoor kilns etc.

Elca Branman.. in Sarasota,Florida,USA

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