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alchemie tile workshop

updated thu 3 may 01


Stephani Stephenson on wed 2 may 01

Hello all: Thought I would post this information a second time. There
are still some spaces available,
See you there! Stephani

=91KEEPING THE CRAFT ALIVE=94 :A Tile Heritage Hands-On Workshop.
Sponsored by Tile Heritage Foundation and Alchemie Studio in support of
Tile Heritage Foundation Educational Programs

The Tile Heritage Foundation, is a nonprofit charitable
organization, dedicated to promoting an awareness and appreciation of
ceramic surfaces in the United States.The Tile Heritage Foundation has
once again invited studio tile makers and painters, mosaicists and
teachers in the field to run regional workshops to provide a community
educational resource for people who want to learn or add to their
skills. Eleven artists and studios have once again agreed to participate
in 2001 "Keeping The Craft Alive" providing workshops from March through
November this year.


ALCHEMIE STUDIO, Leucadia(Encinitas), CA . JUNE 2-3, 2001

Cost: $175.00 (includes materials)

Learn how to design and make relief tiles at Alchemie Studio, a
working architectural ceramics studio . On Saturday, Alchemie artist
Stephani Stephenson will share techniques for relief design, transfer,
carving, modeling, repeating patterns, large scale work, mold making,
and choosing and using clay . Participants will be introduced to tools,
terms and methods of tile making and architectural ceramics. They will
design a tile and construct a mold.
With an MFA in Ceramics from the University of Oregon, and a
recipient of a Montana State Artist Fellowship, Stephenson brings a
wealth of ceramic and sculpting experience to this workshop. She has
worked with Alchemie Studio for two years and at her own studio since
On Sunday Laird Plumleigh , Alchemie founder and noted tilemaker,
invites us over to his glazing and firing studio. Plumleigh created the

beautiful Hispano-Moresque fountain at the Plaza de Panama in Balboa
Park. His award winning original large scale relief tiles have been
featured in publications such as Sunset magazine and Frank Georgini=92s
book, Handmade Tile. Plumleigh will discuss his work , the work of
early California tilemakers and Arts and Crafts revival. Participants
will then return to the clay studio .They will practice glazing and
staining techniques , and learn about techniques for pressing, drying
and single firing relief tiles.

View instructors' work at: and

Registration is through the Tile Heritage Foundation. For
further information about this workshop and the teachers please contact
Tile Heritage Foundation
Fax: 707-431-8455 email:
You may also contact the instructors
via email: or by calling 760-436-1831.