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famous mugs...was mugs

updated fri 4 may 01


artimater on wed 2 may 01

I musta missed the mayor writing about Navy mugs....I am wondering if =
they are the same as Air Force mugs???...They are heavy as hell and =3D
beige...We always had a couple around the house....One had a yellow =3D
quarter moon painted on it...They would never make it through a =3D
critique...Someone would say, "They are WAY TOO THICK"...Then there =3D
might be a fight and someone might get cracked in the head with one of =3D
those mugs which would be fatal....That's why they lasted so long in a =3D
house full of kids...If you threw one at someone and they ducked, there =3D
would be a big hole in the wall, but the mug would be OK
Now for proper beer vessel description and function......First Red =
Stripe bottles have D & G printed on them....My first name is Don, and =3D
Gloria's first name is ...well, Gloria....On some foggy evening I think =3D
I decided they put the D & G on there for you see, my Red =3D
Stripe bottles have sentimental value.....Any other kind of beer must be =
drunk from a small tumbler(12 oz)...doesn't have to be big enough to =3D
hold ice like a soda glass, although there should be room for a little =3D
head(ahmm).....It helps if you can plan ahead and put one in the freezer =
so it ices up the beer when you poor it(mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmmm)...Other =3D
than that I guess design possibilities are wide open(here is where we =3D
meet our German friends; I think they might have a few very specific =3D
criteria)...I bet Tony thinks they need handles too....Don't cha?
I'm real easy though....will drink beer out of a PLASTIC!! cup, =3D
but only in an emergencyHEHEHE
Bottoms up!
"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =3D
indulgences and snakes handy"