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beer mugs vs. a sleeve of beer

updated sat 5 may 01


vince pitelka on fri 4 may 01

I am with Tony on this one. I have made salt-fired beer mugs, but I do n=
use them myself. I do not waste my time on the horse-piss which is bottl=
and sold as mainstream domestic American beers - Budweiser, Miller, etc. =
they are not worth the effort of swallowing. I like good beer. I spend =
good part of every summer traveling, and I do a lot of camping in remote
parts of the Western deserts and mountains. There is nothing quite like
sitting back in an extraordinary spot, such as the canyon of the Colorado
river upstream from Moab, sipping on Guiness poured from one of those tal=
cans of draft with the little exploding module that goes off when you ope=
the pop-top. It ain't like the real thing in a British pub, but out ther=
in the middle of nowhere/everywhere it is about the best thing there is. =
must admit to having a pair of Lexan sleeves which pack very light and
compact, but allow you to enjoy the color of the beer. I love and live c=
vessels, but sometimes they just are not the right thing.

I qualify the above by saying that clay beer mugs are a great item for th=
studio potter, because many people love them, and there are always those
customers who are fanatical/maniacal about their coffee, and will seek th=
LARGEST mug made by humankind.
- Vince

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