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ash build-up in wood kilns

updated wed 9 may 01


steve dalton on tue 8 may 01

Had a firing in my wood kiln this past Saturday and talk about some great
ash build-up. I started with about a quarter to a third of a cord of
Cottonwood until I dropped ^05. Followed with old old growth fir, pine a=
cedar boards until the end.
At 10:30pm Saturday ^10 dropped on the bottom with ^7 down on the top. I
continued stoking until 1:00 am with not much change in the bottom, but I
noticed ^9 had started on it's way down. Total firing time...16 hours.
120 pots in the kiln with only seven not turning out...1 extremely
underfired, 1 overfired where part of the foot ring had started to melt a=
5 with cracks. The rest...a dozen or so of "racers" and a big pile of

The cast chimney sections held up just great. I couldn't get the 2
remaining sections up so I went and picked up 3 sections of chimney pipe.
Total of 16 feet tall.

Thought I would share the good news and also tell everyone how well my
chimney held up!

Steve Dalton
Clear Creek Pottery
Snohomish, WA