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children (was: re: mel and simplicity)

updated fri 11 may 01


Helen Bates on wed 9 may 01

Alisa was saying...

> It is a feeling that my kid is =
> going to learn it all at her pace and then she will remember it and =
> benefit of it, because she was happy when she learned it.
> Lastly, we are very busy, but at the end of day we feel we can see what =
> we have done. I like that pile.
> Best regards,
> Alisa in Denmark

Alisa, I have a strong feeling that you are right. I think having to
be "good enough" to be admitted to camp is just crazy. Give the
children opportunities for learning, but don't expect any particular
productivity. They will learn to give the adults what they want, or
to rebel instead, but they will not learn to love those things.



Helen Bates