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studio potter's bed and breakfast

updated tue 15 may 01


Russel Fouts on mon 14 may 01

>> Studio Potter magazine used to have a Potters Network for subscribing
member (just another good reason to subscribe). Robert Compton at Robert
Compton Pottery used to maintain it. <<

He still does.

I'm a member and the link to the signup form is You have to be a member to read
the list (password protected). Costs a $10 donation. Robert does this on a
volunteer basis, the donation barely covers administration.

I just got a letter from Robert the other day. I'd sent in a hardcopy of the
form for a friend who doesn't have a computer or email (another Belgian
member!). He wrote back to let me know that he'd got it and to say that they
don't send out the hardcopy of the list anymore. They just maintain the
lists on the site, more timely and more accurate that way.

One item on the form confused me "Network Potters Group you belong to:"
According to Robert, you don't actually have to belong to an organisation.
It's just a way to get a kind of reference. If he knows you or you're
recommended by someone on the list, it's ok.

And you don't have to be a subscriber to Studio Potter.

I can't speak more highly of this group. I've stayed with some wonderful and
generous people and made some good friends through this list.

The more people who join the Potters' B&B the better and more useful it
becomes. Please have a look.


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