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^06 earthernware won't wedge

updated mon 21 may 01


Hudson Mackenzie on sat 19 may 01

from Jean Slaughter ( via

I purchased 300 lbs. of Aardvark's "Steve's White" ^06 white earthernware (moist)in Memphis yesterday. The gal at Clayworld told me that this clay is the "most plastic of all Aardvark's white earthenwares." I cannot get all the air bubbles out no matter how long I wedge the darn stuff. I am new at this but my previous 100 pounds of stoneware wedged just fine. I am wedging 4 -5 lbs. at a time. Even if I cut that in half and wedge 2 lbs. at a time and then join it and wedge again and again and again....there are still air bubbles. The clay appears to be very moist in the plastic package and it is very soft. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I have arthritis in my hands and wedging is difficult under the best of circumstances, but this is ridiculous. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Jean Slaughter
Tishomingo, MS