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an important lesson

updated tue 29 may 01


Lana Reeves on sun 27 may 01

Dear Folks-- I've just learned an important lesson. In the past, when =
someone has reported a death, injury or other trouble, I've thought, =
"Oh, this person doesn't know me, they'd probably think I'm weird if I =
write-- and, what should I say, anyway?"

During my recent loss, I was deeply touched and helped by the emails I =
received-- from friends, aquaintances, and strangers. I've learned that =
it doesn't matter what you say-- just knowing that people were thinking =
of me was a great comfort.

I will never again think that I have nothing to offer.

Peace, Lana in Somerville, MA
PS, To those who wrote and have not yet received my personal thanks-- =
I'm working my way down the list, I'll get to you eventually. =
Meanwhile, blanket thanks to everyone.