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clean studio/good teacher

updated sun 27 may 01


Eleanor on sat 26 may 01

Sharon wrote:
> > We are a group of would-be potters under the tutelage of a
>fantastic potter..............
> >
> > ..........Now she has offered to let our group work there if I
>and one other person
>> will be in charge and the teacher himself is fired.
> > Whoa, what am I getting into?

A can of worms.

If I read your post correctly, Sharon, you are all beginners and the
Administrator wants to fire the teacher and replace him with two of

It's true that you can become potters by practicing, trial-and-error,
and helping one another. But with an experienced potter in the room
who is a fantastic teacher to boot, you can enhance and speed up your
learning experience exponentially.

Are you paying for this course? If you are, then without a teacher
you are being ripped off.

An exceptional potter who is also a good teacher is a rare gem. Does
he live/work nearby? Perhaps, if he can't resolve his
political/personality/esthetic/sanitation problems with the
Administrator, you can encourage him to open his own studio and you
can pay him instead of the Parks Department.

Perhaps you and your classmates can just find another school.

Eleanor Kohler
Centerport, NY