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glaze test: desert wash

updated wed 23 may 01


Stephani Stephenson on tue 22 may 01

Alisa Wrote:
"....It can be applied very thickly and I got some
splitting in the surface, but is very well attached to pot. ...."

Alisa, I use to sometimes apply the wash thickly to encourage the
lichen/crusty/crawling effect and occasionally added Magnesium carb to
the mix to further that effect. I am almost positive I copied this
Desert Wash(50% borax, 50% zircopax, for cone 5-6) from CM. I have long
since forgotten the issue and the source/ potter ,as I copied it in 1987
or thereabouts and did not record full information.
This surface treatment is very durable and has held up extremely well
on various sculptural pieces over the years.
Stephani Stephenson
Leucadia CA