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how clean is your studio? (long)

updated sat 26 may 01


Joyce Lee on fri 25 may 01

Frankly, my studio and my person are often about as messy as one could =
imagine... jumping from one involved activity to another as I often do. =
Doesn't bother me one whit. I do have a cleaning schedule, though, and =
sometimes even follow it.....=20

However, if I were teaching ceramics in an art center or an academic =
setting, I'd have to clean up my act.... and the classroom... for that's =
what it is, after, all.... a classroom .... which must be monitored the =
same as any other publicly funded program. The archives probably are =
full of suggestions for cleaning routines which may help your teacher, =
if it isn't already too late. It's a sad state of affairs, but once =
decisions are made to "fire," "get rid of," "help the teacher find a =
more appropriate situation" etc, they are seldom undone.... perhaps may =
be postponed if there's enough hue and cry over the "letting go" of a =
loved teacher... but once the brouhaha dies down, the teacher probably =
will no longer be there.... especially with summer looming and those who =
care spread to other sites... sad.... yes..... but true.

If I were that teacher, and felt that my job might be saved, I'd make an =
appointment (not with the administrator... that's probably a lost =
cause)... but an appointment with a local high school or college =
ceramics teacher... ask to observe his class with special attention to =
the Cleanup Routine and Safety Rules around the kiln. Most teachers are =
more than willing to help out a beleaguered colleague IF they understand =
the situation and IF they don't feel that they might be stuck with =
"takin' you to raise," as Mama Luce often said. As a teacher, I =
occasionally had teachers from our local private schools .... a couple =
of times from home schools ... ask to come visit to see how somebody =
else "ran things."=20

Since I taught non-academic classes as well as academic (photography, =
Yearbook, Leadership Training) and was activities director, my =
not-so-academic corners of my classroom were often piled with on-going =
projects... with the academic students functioning from the middle of=20
decorations for the next dance, (teaching in the midst of helium filled =
balloons of many colors that often lost gas and drifted to the teacher's =
noggin sometimes lent a little unplanned or unwanted levity, as far as =
the teacher was concerned) or strange props "needed" for the talent =
contest, posters for EVERYTHING, ad sales account books ... plus ALWAYS =
... "important... cannot be misplaced" pages and photos for the next =
deadline etc. No big problems... not for me, anyway ... I confess that =
I loved all of it and function better than some administrators liked in =
the midst of chaos....... seeming chaos...... but not really. Now that I =
think of it, much like my studio today .... clean basically, with odd =
corners of treasured messes here and there. As is my house, and my =
closets, and my cabinets, and my car, and my truck .... and my =
bookcases, and my corral, and my desert garden ....... but basically =
clean, ok? OK? What can I say..... I was an administrator, and like all =
administrators .... anal retentive, was it, Mr.Mayor? .... don't do as I =
do; do as I say.

In the Mojave overcome with THOUGHTS of all that cleaning just waiting, =
waiting, waiting ... well, straightening up anyway ... this post has =
plumb worn me out .... might have a glass of wine and go read.......