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how clean is your studio??

updated sat 26 may 01


robert koerner on fri 25 may 01

Hi Sharon,

I think you are looking at the wrong issue, the studio being clean and neat.

The teacher/instructor has a relationship with the administrator. Within that relationship, they deal with the way to run a studio.

You have a relationship with your instructor/teacher, centering on learning, but also including the studio rules.

It is your responsibility to follow the rules and the instructor's responsibility to insure you do.

If you aren't responsible, then you will be asked not to go to the studio.

If the instructor can't insure that the rules are followed, than the instructor leaves.

You are not responsible for the relationship between the instructor and the administrator.

The administrator should not be discussing the teacher with you and the other students; this is a wrong relationship.

If you enter into the proposed relationship between you and the administrator, you will be entering a relationship with a person who initiates wrong relationships.

If the model I've created is too simple, it is because I like reduction. ; )

Have FUN

Bob, an occasional tourist here, from the Sonora desert north of Tucson; where winter snow birds buy bird houses not casitas; it is green all year because of "evergreen" plants, not grafitti! And the legislators are so DUMB, they require use of child seats for children and seat belts for adults in vehicles, but is OK to ride in the back any truck.

.we are losing our teacher because the administrator of the public parks program says this teacher is not keeping the room where we work clean enough and the kiln room is messy too.

She also insists that he doesn't know how to run a program or else his students would not be going back and forth to the kiln room, nor we would show up late for class, nor would any of us, including the teacher, be making pottery that could actually be sold.

She says this is not the way it is supposed to be.

Now she has offered to let our group work there if I and one other person will be in charge and the teacher himself is fired.

Whoa, what am I getting into?

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