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how clean is your studio??? not!

updated sat 26 may 01


Andie Carpenter on fri 25 may 01


Unless the facility has a cleaning staff...

I did a studio tour last year and it took two full days to get my shoe box of a
studio presentable. I know that the potter they asked this year declined because
she couldn't imagine her studio ever being presentable.

My kiln is ridiculously clean, my glaze scale is spotless, I wear a respirator to
mix glazes. My wheel? Umm...

And God forbid you come into my studio the day I'm trimming without galoshes.

Someday I'll probably be sorry - I'm sure there are risks from the dust and mud.
Like the risks I take when I use my cell phone, eat sushi, and use most of the
household cleaners I think nothing of spraying around my house WITHOUT a

Your kiln room really shouldn't be too messy - safety of things potentially
touching or blowing under the kiln, and the toxicity of getting raw chemicals or
glaze on your hands, skin, in your eyes, breathing too much of it, etc.

But your work area? That's pretty personal.

: ) Andie

Sharon wrote:

> We are a group of would-be potters under the tutelage of a fantastic potter.
> However we are losing out teacher because the administrator of the public
> parks program says this teacher is not keeping the room where we work clean
> enough and the kiln room is messy too.
> She also insists that he doesn't know how to run a program or else his
> students would not be going back and forth to the kiln room, nor we would
> show up late for class, nor would any of us, including the teacher, be
> making pottery that could actually be sold.
> She says this is not the way it is supposed to be.
> Now she has offered to let our group work there if I and one other person
> will be in charge and the teacher himself is fired.
> Whoa, what am I getting into?
> My question to this wonderful group is:
> What is reasonable to expect of a small room where 3 - 6 people are creating
> in clay, either hand-building or on the wheel (we only have 2, BTW).
> thanks for your help,
> Sharon in Hawaii
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