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moving to paris

updated fri 1 jun 01


Brenda Anshaw on thu 31 may 01

Hi everyone,

I'm moving to Paris on the 30th of June this year, for
six months and would like to work on my personal
portfolio whilst I'm staying in Paris.

Would someone be kind enough and advise me of any
Potters's Societies or Co-Operative Potter's groups,
that I might become a member.

This information would be greatly appreciated, it
would assist me in deciding where I should stay in
Pairs. I would like to live close to Studio space,
where I can work.

I will be staying around the 4th or 12th district for
a month, whilst searching for an apartment to lease
for six months.

Once again I would be very thankful for any
information relating to the Potters movement in Paris.

Thanks in anticipation.

Kind Regards
Brenda Anshaw (from down under)
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