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piepenburg studio & hello

updated tue 29 may 01


Douglas Roberts on mon 28 may 01


I've been lurking here for 5+ years via the readers (eScribe, Find Mail,
etc.) from which I have been unable to post. I think I have finally
rectified that by joining the listserv.

Here in the Detroit area you can find lots of clay stuff to do. You could
visit Robert Piepenburg at Oakland Community College - Orchard Ridge campus,
where he teaches. I'm not sure if he is teaching the summer term. You
could call the school and ask.

A couple miles from there is John Glick's studio. He has open hours posted.
You could call to get them. He is in Farmington Hills. Other notable
potters in the area include Marie Woo and Elizabeth Lurie. Don't know if
they are open for studio visits. Maybe someone else knows.

There are often members working at our Potters Guild in nearby Plymouth who
would be happy to show you around the guild. Phone 734/207-8807. Plymouth
is half way between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

In Ann Arbor you could visit the Ann Arbor Potters Guild, the Ann Arbor Art
Center, Motawi Tile Works (open hours?), and the University of Mich pottery

Back in Detroit, don't miss Pewabic Pottery. Get good directions. It is
east of downtown.

Also don't miss Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills. You can walk through
the pottery studios and there are gardens, woods, ponds, sculptures, the
museum and architecture to see.

To see another top notch pottery teaching facility, visit Oakland Community
College in Royal Oak.

There are usually outdoor art shows in the area almost every weekend this
time of year. The Royal Oak Clay & Glass show will be June 9 and 10. If
you are here that weekend, stop by my booth on Washington in downtown Royal
Oak and say hi.


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