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slips under ash glazes

updated tue 29 may 01


C. C. Boookout on mon 28 may 01

Thanks first to all of you who helped me join the list. I am again writing
about ash glazes. I understand that putting slips under ash glazes can
enhance or change the color of the ash glaze. I have used a Pete Pinnell
terra sigillata (spelling?) with copper added to get a green. I am firing
in the cone 6-7 range. The slip was from a clay called newman red applied
over a light bodied stoneware. Does anyone have suggestions for other
sllips I might use under an ash glaze? Also I am working on getting a
temmoku type ash glaze. Any ideas? Sorry to Candace and Dave who wrote
about the ash glazes. I think my replies did not make to either of them .
I am still getting used to all the various functions of this computer.
Bear with me. I think I am making progress.