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thanks jim and jeff for pete's tile plans

updated mon 28 may 01


gregg lindsley on sat 26 may 01

You're method of making these plans available on
the net worked perfectly! Thank you very much. THey
were easy to print, and look like fun. And of course
thanks to Pete and Jim for sharing! This is certainly
an impressive group, and I for one feel blessed to be
part of a community where sharing is so large a part
of what is done. I think it is part of being in touch
with clay that allows those who do to be in touch with
that inner wellspring of giving.
And Jeff, thanks for the other pictures you
posted. Looks like this group is keeping you busy.


Gregg Allen Lindsley
10325 Brookside Drive
Whispering Pines, Ca, 95426

Where the temperature is down in the 80's again, for
a short while, and where my cabin and Studio are now
exempt from rolling blackouts, and where I am
recording one of my favorite movies of all time,
'Fahrenheit 451', by Ray Bradbery. (Which has to do
with books, not glazes).Will be having a party here
soon for those who haven't seen it, along with a
showing of 'King of Hearts'.

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