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tile maker: last post!!

updated mon 21 may 01


Jim Bozeman on sun 20 may 01

Hi All, Even I have to agree with Vince on this one. Please send all posts
to me directly regarding the tile thing. This is my very last post publicly
about the tile diagram. Next week, I'm going to mail copies to 2 different
people who generously offered to post images onto the internet (I don't know
how to do this myself). It's going to be up to them to reveal how to access
the pictures (I'm curious myself!). For those who want a hardcopy for
yourself simply mail me a self addressed stamped envelope. I also typed up
an instruction sheet to go along with the diagram. It's pretty easy to
figure out. The great thing is that it makes perfect tiles every time. Use
clay that has a lot of grog in it as it helps the tiles to fire out evenly
and without warping. OK, that's all I have to say. Here's my address: Jim
Bozeman 745 Piedmont Road Hull, Georgia 30646 USA
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