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what do you pay production-for-hire?

updated thu 31 may 01


primalmommy@IVILLAGE.COM on tue 29 may 01

I am not planning to hire somebody right now, but have just been offered a wholesale arrangement which might eventually require more of my time than I want to give. I am trying to look down the road, before I agree to anything. If I were to go to the local university ceramics studio and stick a sign on the wall, "wanted, production potter, fairly simple wheel thrown item with a lid"... how much an hour, US dollars, would be considered fair? My studio, my wheel, clay, etc. and I'd be decorating, glazing, firing, shipping.

I need some numbers to play around with, before I commit myself. I'd love to hear from students doing this kind of work, or potters who have hired help. What's a fair rate? By the hour, or by the pot?

Thanks to anyone who can help...

Yours, Kelly in Ohio (loving the adjustments the new kickwheel requires of me; slowing down, throwing with less water, re-timing myself to the rhythm of the wheel, which has its own agenda. I am realizing how much I have been throwing - on the electric - like I drive: when I get excited, I accelerate. Not a good thing.)

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