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rafter spacing on shed for wood kiln

updated sat 2 jun 01


David Hendley on thu 31 may 01

The sage answer is, don't build the shed over a wood kiln out of wood.
Not only the rafters around the chimney, but the entire structure should
be fire proof, because there will undoubtedly be errant sparks, wind
blown embers, and flames coming out of the kiln when firing with wood.

An all-metal structure is not that much more expensive. My 12 foot wide
shed uses only 2 8 inch 'C' rafters, with 3 8 inch 'Z' purlons on 3 foot
centers running between them. The 'C' and 'Z' refer to the cross section
shape of the steel. Just talk to a company that builds, and sells materials
for building metal buildings, and they will tell you what you need.

Don't learn this the hard way, like Merrie and me, and countless others.
David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

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From: "Evan DuVerlie and/or Molly Cantor"
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2001 5:06 PM
Subject: rafter spacing on shed for wood kiln-HELP!

> Hi, I'm Molly Cantor, a potter in Western MA. I'm almost finished
> building a wood fired kiln which will be fired up to about cone 10. It
> has an unlined (obviously)brick chimney, 18 feet tall.
> What i'm having trouble with, is getting any kind of definative answer
> on how far the RAFTERS of the SHED over the kiln have to be from the
> chimney so they don't burst into flame.
> Any sage answers out there?
> Thanks, Molly