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making work for specific shows (was: nceca 2002 materiality)

updated mon 4 jun 01


Janet Kaiser on mon 4 jun 01

Although I agree with you to an extent, Snail, working
to a theme can be the spur some artists/makers need to
look elsewhere for their inspiration or take a much
needed change of direction... Getting out of the rut
and doing something totally new, maybe with a whole
different take on their work... Exciting, energetic
work is often the result.

Our "themes" have provided many artists/makers with
food for thought and the direction and/or focus they
were lacking... Many have told me this with a degree of
gratitude and our exhibition list is eagerly awaited
each autumn.

Just my 2 pence worth!

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art . Capel Celfyddyd
Criccieth LL52 0EA, GB-Wales Tel: (01766) 523570

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> I don't see any point in making work specifically for
> a show theme. You might get into the show, but after
> a string of such 'successes', you're left with a body
> of work that lacks its own direction; a kite in the
> wind.
> There are a lot of shows out there. Do your own work,
> and enter the shows that suit it.