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materiality,nceca show 2002/answer!!

updated mon 4 jun 01


Bacia Edelman on sun 3 jun 01

Dear Clayart friends: I have the answer!! Interpret as you wish
is what the curators probably suggest. I wrote to Michel Conroy,
Exhibition Director and asked her, telling her that a lot of posters
on Clayart have worked with their dictionaries.
I told her I would like to share it with Clayart and voici!
>From the list of Cc.s, it looks as if a lot of people wrote
and asked her same question.
>Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 04:15:04 -0500
>From: "Michel L. Conroy"
>Subject: Re: 2002 Invitational
>To: Bacia Edelman
>Cc: Mary Cay , Aurore Chabot ,
> Cary Esser , Susan Filley ,
> David Harton ,
> "Elaine O. Henry" ,
> Louis Katz ,
> Don McCance ,
> Steve Reynolds ,
> Minerva Navarrete ,
> Curtis Hoard ,
> Richard Burkett ,
> NCECA office , Phyllis Kloda ,
> Paul Wandless
>Organization: Southwest Texas State University
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>Hi. After discussing several possible exhibition themes for the 2002
>NCECA Invitational Exhibition with me, my co-curator, Raechelle Smith,
>Director of the H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute,
>which will host the exhibition, chose "new materiality" as the focus of
>the show. I intentionally left the call for submissions open to
>interpretation in order to allow for a broad range of responses.
>It is not possible to make an object in clay without the material being
>at issue. It affects our expectations, perceptions and
>interpretations. Our discussion of this theme began with an
>understanding that the seminal change Voulkos et. al brought to ceramic
>art turned on materiality, exploiting clay's expressive potential and
>its plastic, responsive nature. We next asked if ceramic artists are
>now working from a somewhat different paradigm (excuse the buzz word).
>Is there a shift taking place in how artists see the medium and how we
>employ the ceramic process? This is an on-going discussion and as
>curators we are committed to seriously considering all submissions.
>I would like to extend an apology to all NCECA members for the
>submissions deadline snafu in the Newsletter. When Sandy Early in the
>home office realized that the May deadline I originally set would not
>allow artists time to get the Newsletter and respond to the call for
>entries, we moved the date back to June 15. Sandy was pushing to get
>the Newsletter out on time and caught the change in the Newsletter
>calendar, but missed it in the article. I ask for people's
>understanding that NCECA is an organization run by volunteer artists and
>2 overworked staff members. This is not an excuse, we aspire to a
>higher standard of service to the field than this error evidences.
>Please feel free to share this note with Clayart readers.

Bacia Edelman Madison, Wisconsin