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workshops at canadore college

updated sun 10 jun 01


Veronica Stevenson on sat 9 jun 01

Hi there everyone! I was wondering if anyone out there is planning on =
attending any of the workshops being offered at Artsperience 2001 at =
Canadore College in North Bay Ontario this summer.=20
I am attending a workshop being led by Robert Tetu, and I was interested =
in seeing if any other Clayarters will be there. It would be neat to =
meet some fellow Clayarters in real life (as opposed to "cyberspace" I =
suppose!) If anyone is interested in checking out the workshops that =
they are offering, you can see it all at:
just click on the Artsperience 2001 link, and there will be a list of =
courses/workshops, with links to all the details.

I am very excited about this workshop, and the trip as well! I am =
looking forward to meeting lots of great people who share the joy of =

(oh, and no, I am not affiliated with Canadore College or any of that =
stuff either, but I sure am excited about going!)

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