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spouts on pitchers ( a method for newbies)

updated fri 15 jun 01


Marianne Lombardo on thu 14 jun 01

I finally managed to make some spouts on pitchers that look good. =
Anyone want a pitcher with five spouts on it?

For any other newbies that are having problems, in my opinion the =
terminology of "pulling" a handle or spout is a bit misleading. =
Actually, I discovered that "pulling" is the last thing you want to do! =
Careful, gentle, very slow, very gradual stretching of the clay might =
be a more accurate description of the process. Coax the clay, talk =
nicely to it, slowly and very gently stretch it, but don't pull hard or =

For a spout, first, use an X-acto blade to cut a wide V shape downwards =
from the rim, where you want the spout to go. Then use some =
vinegar/slip to attach a 1/4" thick (depending upon the size of your =
pitcher), rounded-triangular wedge of clay onto the new V-shaped rim. =20

Let it sit for 5 minutes or so to bond with the clay. Hold the pitcher =
upside-down, and using wet fingers (thumb inside), with a very slow and =
gentle touch start stretching the wedge of clay into an appropriate =
shape. Thumb and fingers should "slide" on the clay, but don't get the =
clay too wet or soft. Be patient. I found by taking my time and =
working very gradually and slowly I produced a natural-looking spout =
that looks like it grew right out of the pitcher. After the spout shape =
is firm it can be trimmed to a nice shape with an X-acto blade and the =
edges softly sponged to a nice thin edge, if necessary.

There are many methods of making spouts, and I think I've tried most of =
them. For me, making that V-cut into the rim made all the difference. =
Now my spout sits well and projects outwards and upwards naturally.

Marianne Lombardo
Omemee, Ontario, Canada