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survey--no teachers, no sculptors?

updated mon 18 jun 01


Paul and Susie Watkins on sat 16 jun 01

Richard... I understand the division of titles related to the video but I
really get personally irritated when Potters can't be anything else but
potters to be legitimate in the eyes of potters that do clay every day in
their studio... we have seen this discussion before and really don't need to
get into an ongoing thread again... just tired of "art faculty" at
universities not allowing themselves to be called "art educators" (think it
is a deadly disease) when that is exactly what they are as well as "artists"
and then art/ceramic faculty not allowed to call themselves "Potters"
because they teach!... I just get real tired of these "boxes" that
categorize what people do for a living rather than accepting them for what
they can do in a media area i.e. pottery or sculpture or painting or
whatever.... If a person can make great pots and still be a teacher, why
penalize them because they can do both and remove them from a video of
Potters of the USA.... why could they not be in all three videos if they
deserve that recognition... Potter, Teacher, Sculptor... no big deal... just
a personal problem with "titles that box me in"... thanks for your reply to
me on this subject.. I do understand where you are coming from ... I wish
you luck in that move while your building at Tacoma CC is being renovated...
I have gone through that also... but think how great it will be when you
move back in... the eternal optimist that I am!... ha... later, Paul
Paul Watkins Pottery at Red Shed

>From: Richard Mahaffey
>Subject: survey--No Teachers, No sculptors
>Date: Sat, Jun 16, 2001, 1:15 AM

> Paul,
> The survey was about a video entitled Potters of the USA, not Teachers
> of the USA or Sculptors of the USA.
> I do not think that limiting the video would invalidate the survey,
> Sculptors would go in Clay Sculptors of the USA (or Wherever). Seems
> like teachers could go in another title also.
> Like William Moody said "I would like to see anyone but the same old
> names!" That was my idea. It would be a bit more of a discovery to
> see a video of different people who work in clay and earn a living from
> making pots. Retired teachers would be eligible.
> Oh, Paul, I did get a note sent to me suggesting that people nominating
> other would be divisive if potters start nominating others.
> Anyway, I thought it would be fun and a way to honor some of the
> hardworking talented people that were not the "Ceramics Monthly, NEA
> (national Endowment for the Arts) grant recipients, and NCECA staples
> that many of us know about. I thought it would teach about the depth of
> talent out there. Let's see where it goes, if anywhere.
> Rick Mahaffey
> Tacoma Community College where we are packing everything (and there is a
> lot of everything) in the Art Building so it can be renovated. Sheesh!
> what a job. Had five students and another teacher just in the Ceramics
> studio alone. Be careful what you wish for, someone said once, you
> might get it. Well we got it and right now it is a big job!
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tom huber on sun 17 jun 01

HI All
I am a full time potter and I am a full time father. I am in my 50's and so
have been around awhile.
One of the points that comes up for me as a father and for me personally is
that if someone else gets celebrated it does not diminish me, my child or
anyone else. Every person and group deserves to be acknowledged. To
celebrate a subgroup of a larger group does not diminish the larger group
or any of the other subgroups. We are all performers on this arts stage .
Let each group step forward and take
their bows. Lets give a standing ovation to not only the stars, but to the
supporting actors and the bit players and the stage hands etc and then an
even greater resounding cheer for the group as a whole.
I am a member of a Potters co-op in Portland Me, There are 15 potters in
this co-op. We are full time potters. WE have a beautiful gallery in the
"Old Port". This co-op has existed for 25 years. Many potters have come and
gone in this co-op. There have been , and are some incredibly talented and
skilled potters works on display. Currently if you visited our gallery/shop
you could see wonderful Shinos, Anagama fired "Bizen" style ware by a
potter who apprenticed in Japan, naked raku, majolica , incredible thrown
and altered porcelains and stoneware wonderful hand built pottery and
flambe's, cu reds, painted pots, and much more. Any of these potter work
would be at home in CM or any of the other books and publications.YET if I
listed their names you would not recognize them. There are many potters in
New England, and the world, as anonymous as they are talented and
accomplished. Who would be diminished by celebrating these potters? Why not
let this supporting group step forward and take a bow? How about a standing
ovation for all of these full-time potters( IF THEY DON'T MAKE IT ,AND

Tom Huber
Ogunquit River Pottery
Wells Me