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: re: put your daughters in shop class

updated sun 24 jun 01


iandol on thu 21 jun 01

Presumably "Shop Class" means technical studies.

Things must be going backwards. Over thirty years ago when I left =
industry to follow, belatedly, the career my mother has chosen for me by =
returning to Teachers Training College there was a strong push to ensure =
that both boys and girls were treated as equals. At the =
school(Co-Ed)where I was appointed as an probationary teacher all the =
boys learned to Touch Type and about the basics of office procedures and =
their teacher was a man. They also attended Home Economics classes for =
as long as they wished. All the girls did Technical studies which =
included wood and metal work, Physics and Chemistry and were encouraged =
to take these through to "A Levels". The fact that I was willing to =
teach Building Studies as a link course with the local Tech College =
freed up space in tech studies classes for girls who would have been =
intimidated by some very rumbustious adolescent fellas. I also landed =
the less able learners for General Science. To make sure those young =
ladies who came to my class in the higher grades got a fair deal, they =
learned, "hand on", about fuses, developing photographs, the mechanics =
of gears, power transmission and "how to weight a car" while the young =
men joined them in getting an understanding of Cosmetic and Household =
Chemistry. When expected to justify the purchase of "Toys" aka Meccano =
by one MCP I asked him to explain how a washing machine worked. The =
silence of his answer was illuminating. In Australia my daughters added =
photography and electronics to their technical skills which included =
welding and lathe work.

Though it may have nothing to do directly with Clay, political =
bifurcation of gender issues following the work of Germaine Greer and =
other publicists of equity issues seems to have had a negative effect by =
emphasising differences rather than accentuating similarities, in =
catering for the needs of adolescents as they learn to cope with =
maturation in an ever changing hostile society.

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L. P. Skeen on thu 21 jun 01

"Shop Class" is where they teach you to use machines like saws, hammers,
screwdrivers and all manner of power tools to build things, or fix things or
weld things. "Technology Class" is where they teach you to use a computer.

>>>Presumably "Shop Class" means technical studies.

iandol on sat 23 jun 01

In that case, "Shop class" equates to Technical Studies, which at the =
schools where I have worked has included carpentry and cabinet making, =
metalwork, electronic engineering, photography, plastic constructions, =
building and auto maintainance. Technology in your terms would have been =

English is a great language for getting people confused!!!!