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airbrush equip--blowtherm?

updated fri 22 jun 01


Susan Fox-Hirschmann on thu 21 jun 01

Hi Philip,
I have been airbrushing my work for about 18 years, with a home made spray
booth, and wearing a NIOSH respirator. Unlike your suggestion, airbrushing,
multiple stains over glaze is not like mouth atomizers!
The airbrush actually sprays multiple times the number of dot like
particles, filling the air surrounding each peice. The spray is wider
(depending on the needle inside the airbrush)and unlike the mouth airsource,
is regulated by a much more forceful compressor. If you could see the
paper under the pieces, and around them when i am done, you would get a
really fine estimate of what is occuring in the surrounding air., produced
by the airbrush./
I am about to build a nice new studio and know now that my motor/filter
combo is really not doing a great job on the surrounding air, and will buy a
booth that has a better suction and will protect the rest of my studio when
i am airbrushing.(MY LUNGS and HEALTH here are what are at stake...and I am
ready for a better, safer booth)... also if you could see the filters that i
change after airbrushing or spraying glaze, you would also see this is NOT a
mouth atomizer. Actually when i was first studying ceramics in college, a
mouth atomoizer was my "tool\" of choice, before i learned to use the
airbrush and realize what different techniques i could use.
As for devillbis....they no longer sell airbrush booths , but they put me
thru to another co, that has not returned my phone calls. would you believe
this company is called "BLOWTHERM". Hey do you think they were pulling my
leg with this name??
Anyone heard of BLOWTHERM out there, or know of a well designed commercial
airbrush booth, for a heathier studio?

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