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how clean is your studio;thank you to all who responded to me

updated fri 22 jun 01


Sharon on thu 21 jun 01

Dear Bret, Jonathan, Janet, Philip, Mark, Lee, Mudlark, Jeremy, Andie,
Gayle, William, Erin, Ababi, Joyce, John, Robert, Jocelyn, Fraser, Eleanor
and anyone else I may have missed:
Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and wise advice about how to
deal with a 'messy' situation. (> Sharon wrote:
>> > Whoa, what am I getting into?

The consensus was that I would not be happy to take on this
administrator and HER problems.
As it happened I never again talked with her about it because the woman who
was to help me run things backed out because of another project she became
involved with (renovating her new house and studio at Kailua beach).
So I decided to just let the whole thing die of its own karma. I am
pretty overwhelmed already=8B editing a huge video project, packing up two
houses to move from Hawaii to Vermont and all the emotions and hard work
that goes with those. I really can't see me responsible for a ceramics
studio. AND I can't afford to ship my pottery anyway! So I will wait unti=
I am in Vermont and begin as a student again.
Again, thanks so much, you are great!