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warping shelves, was warping platters

updated wed 27 jun 01


vince pitelka on tue 26 jun 01

> I've read contradictory information on loading a kiln. Some sources say
> a shelf should be supported only by three legs so that it doesn't rock
> and other sources say use four so it doesn't warp. Does using four
> really prevent warping of the shelf?

Forrest -
Actually, using four posts increases the chances of the shelf warping, and
also takes up more room in the kiln. Having the shelf supported by three
posts (two posts along one side and one post along the other) seems the best
pattern both for good steady support and for minimizing warping. Ideally,
the shelves should be flipped occasionally to further decrease the chances
of warping. If you ever have need to use four posts, be sure to use wadding
so that the shelf sits steady with no rocking.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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