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updated fri 29 jun 01


Joyce Lee on thu 28 jun 01

Hey Russel........ the only thing wrong with that picture of you, Bacia and
Bisons in Paris is that I'M not in it. Only been in Paris twice, both times
leading groups of highschoolers ... now plan to go eventually sans
They were fun but sure didn't contribute to my really being able to see the
city. At the Eiffel
I had to intervene before one of our more
beauteous maidens took off on a motorcycle with some shady looking
character... with a charming accent. Maybe all would have been fine, but
not on my watch.
When a group decided to WALK back to our hotel on the other side of Paris at
11 p.m., I
enlisted two young, male teachers and we headed out..... exciting,
entrancing and the scariest several hours of my career... being responsible
is hard work. Recall that I made points which lasted the rest of the time I
worked... when the kids were doing some sort of puzzle... and I knew the
answer was Petula
Clark's "Downtown" ... THEY weren't familiar with it so... based on that one
incident... that particular group decided that I was a TRUEBLUE music buff
.. and passed the word when we arrived home. Always amazed me when I heard
myself described thusly when it simply wasn't true. Is that how clay fame
occurs I wonder....... one good show, one outrageous bit of p.r. ... and the
rep is made forever......

Just thought you needed to know this.

In the Mojave recalling that we did make it to the Lourve, thank goodness,
and a museum of modern art ... no clay that I recall.... but then I didn't
know that clay and potters were destined to be in my life foreverafter
within a few short years.