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boxer bowls update

updated sun 1 jul 01


Cathi Newlin on sat 30 jun 01

Hi everyone...
Just wanted to let all of you who are participating in the Art for Arfs'
Sake Boxer Bowls fundraiser know that I have added an email list function
to the website to keep those
participating up to date on our progress. If you add your email, you'll get
periodic emails as there are developments ;)
Please sign up if you'd like to get updates!
Thanks once again...

Cathi Newlin -
North Mo Boxer Rescue - (660) 382-5451
Midwest Boxer Rescuers ->

Cyberpotter@AOL.COM on sat 30 jun 01

Boxer Bowls! Not more underwear pots!

(just kidding, I know it's a fundraiser for needy pooches)