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compressed bottoms

updated sun 17 jun 01


gregg lindsley on sat 16 jun 01

Hello everyone-

This thread is a week old, and i am responding
now as i have been a bit laid up with a respiratory
virus for most of the week. I made one attempt
mid-weed at sending a response, which, when i hit
send, my computer refused for some reason, and it was
lost into that portion of cyberspace reserved for
First, my thanks to Jim Shanks and Anne Sciba for
their generous and thought provoking suggestions.
In responding to Ivor's request for plastic clay
doing unusual things, I had posted that my pot
bottoms had in the last year had developed the habit
of ending up thicker after opening to the wall than
they had been when i opened them and checked thickness
with a pin tool. This would start at the very
beginning of moving from the intitial opening to the
wall, and I can actually see it coming up. Wierd.
I'm descrbing this again because I'm don't think
i did a good job of it in the first place. This
movement probabally relates to something I'm doing to
the clay, and will be more watchful of my movements in
the future.
If anyone else has observed this phenomena, feel
free to e mail me.


Gregg Allen Lindsley
Earth and Fire Pottery
10325 Brookside Drive
Whispering Pines Cal 95426

Where I am celebrating my 50th birthday with a party
tommorrow at our local park by the lake. I came here
from the East Coast to study with Dean Strawn 23 years
ago, and I have invited everyone I have ever known
during that time to come and enjoy the day.
gregg enjoying a c(_)~~~~~~ hot cup of coffee
on a beautiful morning

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