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sax (flameware); bendel; saxby; cope; holt; gordon;

updated tue 3 jul 01


Helen Bates on mon 2 jul 01

Web Sites featuring individual potters:

Bill Sax Flameware
This is the Bill Sax Flameware... for stovetop,
oven, table, dishwasher "safe", according to the
blurb at E-pinch (associated with Ferrin Gallery.)
Plus this article about Bill Sax in:
Studio Potter - Back Issues Volumes 11-15

Don Bendel
Wood fired and Tozan work. I like his "Tree Forms."
Professor of Ceramics at Northern Arizona University
40 plus years in art education...
1960 B.S. Art Education, Winona Minnesota State College
1963 M.S. Art Education, Painting, Winona Minnesota
State College
1967 M.F.A. Ceramics, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
1996 Ed. D. Art Education, Arizona State university,
Tempe, Arizona

Robert Saxby,
Born in England, U.S. Citizen, teaching at U. of
Florida. I am most struck by the brilliant colour
of this set of copper red bowls.

Mitsuru Cope
Most creative work by this Clayarter from Montreal, Canada

Gary Holt
A studio potter in Berkeley, Calilfornia
Another Clayarter whose work is well worth a look.
Some delicate pieces done with soluble salt glazes.

Donna Gordon
Donna is the third Clayarter listed tonight.
She does smoke-fired sculptural vessels with
sculpted faces superimposed on the walls or
lids of the pieces.


Helen Bates