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updated tue 3 jul 01


Helen Bates on mon 2 jul 01


Here are some sites for ancient pottery techniques
and also some history for you all to enjoy.

The Rocky Mountain Survival Group (RMSG):
Links to plans for two kickwheels and a treadle wheel
(I've seen the first set of kickwheel plans before,
but I think not the second set by Leonard Smith.)
Smith also has a nearly comprehensive article on raw glazing at:

Other links at RMSG:
Native Tech's photo essay of bonfire firing pots.
Good photos. Other pottery-related links also.
(I may have mentioned this site before, but there
is a bit more here now.)

Regia Anglorum
The Regia Anglorum site also has a pit firing article with
pictures. There are a couple of other pottery links as well.

Drawing of a pinch / coil pot from Papua New Guinea
Chambri Pottery ( _Tribal Art and Folk Art from New
Guinea and Indonesia)

Tribal Expressions Site:
Article with several photos of native american pottery making:
Links to artists exhibiting in this gallery:
Contemporary expressions of traditional art, as well as frankly
non-traditional forms and decoration.
See especially the pots by Christine McHorse.
Includes a male artist who is now a professor at the Institute of
American Indian Arts, Preston Duwyenie.

The Blue Thunder Gallery
Besides some nice pueblo pots, there is a useful historical
for each group.

San Luis Obispo Chinatown Project in Archaeology
SLO in the 1870's. Clay artifacts and other facts.


Helen Bates