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surfing online galleries and more - finds from may 2001

updated thu 19 jul 01


Helen Bates on wed 18 jul 01

July 18 - These sites I first visited in May. Today I've reviewed
them and checked that the URLS are still valid.

Patterns in Chinese Porcelain
Taft Museum (Junior/Senior High School educational page)

Speaking of scary masks! (Sushi Samurai)
Artist Sally Baker usually works in 2-d but paints pictures of
pottery, especially Japanese Imari and Blue and White.

Ellen Graf
Site under development...
More masks, used in Spiritual drama work...
Sculptural teapots (often with branch handles); also other fine pots

Maria Martinez
Photo of Maria in full ethnic costume. (A picture I hadn't seen

Sensuous Proposals
4 British Women - Felicity Aylieff; Janice Tchalenko; Julie Wood;
Monica Young;
Senior potter Young is here shown dwarfed by her work, which is
definitely a "tour de force" for more than its size...
(Born in 1929... in 1972 taught herself to coil pots)

WebElements - The Periodic Table on the WWW:
Highly sophisticated web site for education about the periodic table
and related information.

Waylande Gregory
Sculptor in clay and other media. Much of the work is erotic.
Worked a great deal in the Art Deco style, from the 1930's and on into
the 1960's.

Ron Meyers
Delightful painterly, frequently working in sgrafito techniques and
relief on loosely-thrown pots.

Jun Kaneko
Powerful work... shakes my gut just looking at it, I don't know why...

Images of faculty and student work Louisiana State University:
Faculty: Bobby Silverman & Kate Blacklock
Facilities at LSU:
LSU Clay Program Alumni & Friends Gallery
Alumni Links: John Goodheart, Emma Glenny, Bob Howell, Tim Taunton,
Steve Rucker,

Indiana State University Ceramics Department: Faculty and Students
Faculty & Staff: John Goodheart; Tim Mather; Malcolm Mobutu Smith;
Christyl Boger;
(Click on images to enlarge images)

Robert L. Martin (Artwerker)
Ceramics, Paintings, Architectural & Web Page Designs.
Uses finishes other than glazes (as well as glazes and stains.)
Definitely -not- Leach!

Krannert Art Museum UICI (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign) (slide show) (art works titles) (Greek Vase tour)

The Phoenix New Times search results for "Pottery": 70 articles...
The Phoenix New Times Onlines maintains an excellent search engine for
texts of its articles.
The one on juried craft shows, I sent one to the list earlier.

Mint Museum Featured Artist Index:
Links to schools of art attended by famous artists (most of theses
links I haven't tried)
(Memory hog when loading - beware, and maybe empty your browser cache

Adrian Sassoon Gallery
Contemporary British Studio Ceramics
Sold items (Contemporary)

Robert Yellin's e-Yakimono
Educational site on traditional and Japanese pottery
Immense... Images, reviews, festivals and events, markets, pottery
information, artist database.

U. of Dallas's Dallas Visual Arts Center NCECA 1998 Exhibitions
San Ildefonso Pueblo potters: 5 generations;
To Have and to Hold
Fireworks: On and Off the Wall
Juan Quezada & Harding Black
Honors & Fellows Exhibition
Not enlargeable, but good bright "thumbnails"

Bristol, England, Potters' Gallery Shop
Many accomplished studio potters featured here (one clickable image
each, with link to description and larger version of image)

SuperThrive (Non-clay)
An interesting 3-d and colour-line study from Stephen Hendee's
"SuperThrive", a visually quite compelling cave-like architectural
sculpture of foam board.

U. of N. Texas - Ceramics USA 2000
Doug Gray recently put up the site of Ceramics USA 2000 (and it's got
great work)
Also, at the University of North Texas, Ceramics USA 1996 is still on
And as well, the University of North Texas "ArtBase"
Faculty, selected Students, and various Alumni of the School of Visual
Arts. More than a couple of these are Clayarters, I think. Jerry
Austin; Travis Berning; Charles Freeland; Chris Gray; Doug Gray;
Christopher Hart; Frederic Herbst; Patricia Jacobson; Jerry B. Mahle;
Heather Meeds; Laura Jean Newby; Steven L. Phillips; Dannon Rhudy; Jim
Bob Salazar; Jim Sydnor; Katherine Villyard; Marcus Young; (Click on
Dan Askew; (Click on "Mixed Media and 3-D")

Viktor Schrenkengost
Viktor Schrenkengost, Ohio-born industrial designer designed the first
American "Modernist" dinner service.
Son of a pottery worker, who himself worked in an Ohio Pottery, he
designed pedal cars, the first cab-over-engine truck and much more.
Designed the "Jazz" bowl for Eleanor Roosevelt in 1930.
The man is now 94 and is still teaching at the Cleveland School of

1001 Pots - Val David, Quebec & Merrickville, Ontario
Val David, Quebec: (French Language)
Terrance Lazaroff (Clayart subscriber) has a pot at the Quebec site:
(bottom of page)
Merrickville, Ontario: (site under construction)
The "Exhibitors" list has contact information and artists' statements,
usually no pictures.
Steve Sanger, Merrickville, Ontario potter (site under construction)

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (TOAE)
Catalogue and work of Ceramics Artists exhibiting in TOAE in 2001

Thai Ceramists...
Surojana Sethabutra.
Superior work but difficult site. Needs Shockwave to view.

Kolonyama Pottery
Masioanoke Gallery
>From these are links to potter/sculptor Graham Taylor's work, and that
of his wife Lynda, to the college where they teach, plus to figurative
clay work by former staff of Kolonyama in Lesotho, Southern Africa.

Freeforms Mid Century Ceramics and Glass
Dealers David Mann and Marcus Gray.
Many European ceramics pieces from the 40's through 70's.
Some pieces are described as "unique", while others are most likely
production pieces.

Keramisto 2001
Keramisto Market in The Netherlands (Holland)
A great way to look at avantgarde work by artists from around the

Vicki Hardin's "I Love Clay" site
Huge set of links to clay pages - organized into folders from drop
down menu.
Non-graphic for faster loading.


Helen Bates