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clay for memory garden

updated tue 24 jul 01


Phyllis Tilton on mon 23 jul 01

Kelly: How sad about the little girl and what a nice memorial tribute to her! You wondered about a clay that would stand up under all weathers. A.R.T. makes a dense clay called orangestone-mid range cones. I usually use ^6. It will get some black tones. Only once, with a sun face, it turned totally black. Some clay companies stock orangestone. I have used it for garden sculptures that have withstood the rigors of Ohio's freezing and thawing. On some of the pieces, I painted Thompson Water Sealer as an extra precaution. Aa friend of mine made a mail box that has been outside for many years. I have used a few glazes but have really prefer the natural color of the clay. Please share with us what you decide to make for her garden.

Most sincerely,


Phyllis Tilton

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