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clayarter sightings in europe (longish but worth every word)

updated wed 25 jul 01


Russel Fouts on tue 24 jul 01

I met Bacia in Paris last saturday for a very FULL saturday of gallery
viewing (and non-viewing)

I arranged to arrive early to meet Bacia and get going early. However, that
was before I discovered that none of the galleries open before 1pm. So we
spent the morning planning, talking and looking for lunch near the first
gallery; Galerie Ortilles-Fourcat. We'd chose it because it was supposed to
be the first open. Their website said that they opened at 1 pm, the sign on
the door said that they would open at 2 pm. But, I don't think they opened
at all that day (summer in Paris was the common excuse). Anyway we could see
the whole gallery from the sidewalk and saw a lot of pots that we'd like to
get closer to. Another trip.

Across the street from the gallery was a really nice caligraphy shop selling
japanese papers, all sorts of brushes, books, pens, inks etc. Bacia bought
some nice cards.

DM Sarver, was the next stop. Nice gallery, simple. Mr Sarver was tending
the shop himself. We looked at what he had. The current show is mostly
glass. A nice piece by the Belgian Tjok Desauvage and some nice sculptural
pieces by "I can't remember who". We told him that we'd heard that he
carried the work of Pierre Bayle. He said that Bayle hasn't been able to
work much after his bout with cancer, still recovering. But he did have one
piece from the '80's upstairs that we could look at. It was one of his
large, tall, footed, shallow, cup forms with an undulating lip. Beautiful
and smoky, dark. Terra Sigillata Surface like glass.

He had lots of other people's work upstairs. This isn't part of the show
area of the gallery, he called it his "attic". Some really nice stuff. New
pieces from Irene Vonck, Nice Claude Champy pieces and some terrific pieces
from "again I can't remember the name but Bacia has the post card"

Mr. Sarver was really friendly, talkative, charming (all in french though).
I'd certainly go back there again.

The Andy Goldsworthy exhibit was on the other side of the center of town.
The exhibit was basically 4 french windows filled with raw clay (mixed with
some kind of hair to hold it together) drying in HUGE cracks. Nice and a bit
scary because it looked like it could fall down any minute. The other part
of the exhibition was a looooooooooooooooong line of reed that started at
the door and looped and wove it's way leading you up the stairs and into the
gallery proper then over the walls and ceiling. I actually liked this better
than the clay. It was really fun.

Dinner was at a wonderful little restaurant called "Safran". The waiter was
a character but the food was excellent. Bacia had an entre of salmon
flavored with anise (the root of fennel), mine was a seafood soup flavored
with mushrooms and safran, wonderful. Then the plate was lamb that had been
cooked slowly for 7 hours, wonderfully delicious and tender.

Then we jumped in a cab that took Bacia back to the hotel, a too hurried
good-bye (sorry Bacia) and me to the north station to catch my train.

And here I am and Bacia's on her way south.

I also had a wonderful visit from Lynne Berman and her husband in April. We
did some Brussels tourism, including a visit to my studio and had a
wonderful meal.

Any more of you headed this way are welcome to visit, contact information is
below, let me know in advance.


Addresses Mentioned:

I'd like to thank "Smart" and Yvon Ledouget for their advice.

Galerie Lelong
13 r. de de Teheran
01 45 63 13 19

Galerie DM Sarver:
METRO : Sebastien Froissart, Filles du Calvaire (ligne 8)

Galerie Ortilles-Fourcat
40 rue Quincampoix (4 eme arr.)

Le Safran
29 rue d'Argenteuil, 1st (
Mº Tuileries or Pyramides. Open noon-2.15pm, 7-11pm Mon-Sat; 11am-6pm Sun.
Average 200F/x30.49. Prix fixe 160F/x24.39, 240F/x36.59. Credit AmEx, DC,
MC, V.

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Discover her cuisine du marché, created with almost 100% organic produce.
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