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ball mill pebbles

updated sat 4 aug 01


Hank Murrow on fri 3 aug 01

> Vince,
> Back to Ball Mills. There are two things I left out of my
> 1. John Harlows Ball Mill is using 1" to 1.5" diam. Flint
>balls as media.

Dear Folks;

Jim Robinson of southern Oregon mentioned that he collected flint
pebbles from a reservoir near Ashland, OR. Bob James and I went on down for
a visit to Jim's studio and after a round of mutual admiration and
refreshments, Jim took us to Emmigrant Lake, just above Ashland where we
walked around the edge of the reservoir until we came to a spot where the
correct size of flints were washing out of the sandstone formation.
Millions of them! Piece of cake, collecting three five-gallon buckets of 1"
to 2.5" pebbles in twenty minutes. They are said to be 2.8 billion years
old, so I guess they'll last for what remains of my potting life! I am
planning a thirty gallon mill in which to use most of these flints. I mine
a couple of nice West Coast Petuntse deposits, and need this extra capacity
to mill them down for a plastic porcelain body.

BTW, my mill design includes a rubber liner to cut down on milling
noise and to protect the mill against wear. I know the flints will do the
job fine.

Cheers, Hank in Eugene