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updated sat 4 aug 01


jean mitton on fri 3 aug 01

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From: jean mitton
Date: Friday, August 03, 2001 4:58 PM
Subject: Ball Mills

We have debated and agree with your definition. Burnish =
requires hard object pressure.
I use a smooth stone with epoxy putty attached, to make a comfortable =
finger hold.
But any hard suitable shape for difficult to get at places
Back to Ball Mills. There are two things I left out of my =
1. John Harlows Ball Mill is using 1" to 1.5" diam. =
Flint balls as media.
2. from the posts I have gratefully received regarding =
my observations on Ball Mill liner design and efficiency.. yours in =
particular, seems to assume that I know little if anything about potters =
ball mills. Just for the record ... I have been potting for 30 years =
and have a good library of pottery books. Neither yours or =
unfortunately Michael Cardews..."Pioneer Pottery" to which most posts in =
the discussion have made reference to, My information on potters ball =
mills is from Ivan Mc Meekin "Potters in Australia" and on what I have =
seen from various studios here.
So it could be correct... I know very little.
I will be investigating this wave liner opinion further. But first I =
would like to contact John Harlow himself, which is what I should have =
done in the first place... Do you or any of the other from the group =
have his email address?
Regards, RON Mitton.