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water bowl

updated fri 3 aug 01


artimater on thu 2 aug 01

My work and I are blessed by my water bowl....see it half full of =
porcelain at:

What makes it special is it's story.....
Waaaay back when, in the summer, at the start of a new class taught =
by Mark Foster(do what you want, I'll be here if you need me) we had =
this girl.....She was only gonna be there for the summer....In the fall =
she was moving on to U of Texas.....She was all kinds of cute and bubbly =
and generally a joy to have around....Call her Penny....Well when Penny =
saw my stuff she went into a fit of gushing all over me.....Not just =
"ooooo" and "ahhhh".....She couldn't understand why I wasn't rich and =
famous and she insisted that she was going to UT and study business and =
then come back and market it for me!!!!....Try to imagine what my fellow =
potters thought of all this loving I was gettingHEHEHEHEHE
Penny spent the whole semester handbuilding a bowl....It went in =
the bisque the day before she had to leave to get moved in at the =
Towards the end of class I got a kilnload of what I used to call =
teabowls....I stashed a few and then told everyone in the class they =
could all have one(I love those guys and girls).....Somehow Penny and =
Mark ended up picking the same one....I know Mark felt real bad, but =
before the issue was settled she was gone.....Gone on to bigger and =
better I bet.....Mark got the teabowl....She got nothing but =
When I saw that bowl she made on the bisque rack; my duty was =
clear.....I nabbed that sucker.....I put a little watered down blue =
celedon on it to emphasis the texture and had it fired.....If I hadn't =
it would have gone on to the dump with the rest of the leftovers....When =
it came out of the cone 10 reduction it was beautiful ...IMHO...I have =
since used it to hold my throwing water....Been about ten years now I =
think.....All those people who would like to see me disappear would only =
have to steal my bowl to steal my thunder....So don't tell them.....I =
don't know what I would do if Penny showed back up.....Get marketed I =
Your claybud,

"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"