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art in schools

updated sun 5 aug 01


iandol on sat 4 aug 01

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If the Authorities are declining to include and fully fund Arts =
Education at junior primary, primary and secondary levels on the grounds =
that it cannot be Objectively assessed then they are being given some =
very erroneous information by their advisers.

I suggest that those of you who have an axe to grind on this one get =
into the education archives and look for Bloom, Benjamin S., Hastings, =
Thomas J. and Madaus, George F. "Handbook on Formative and Summative =
Evaluation of Student Learning". McGraw-Hill. New York. 1971. Reading =
Benjammin Blooms other books about constructiing a Taxonomy of =
Educational Objective is also enlightening

Not only will this give you some ideas as to why Art can and should be =
objectively assessed, it will arm you with a wide range of ideas to =
criticise the validity of the way Science and Math are assessed.

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia