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wood splitters

updated sun 5 aug 01


David Hendley on fri 3 aug 01

Jon, I've never seen one of these things in person, let alone used it,
but it looks like a slow little weenie thing to me. I'd bet 10-to-1
I could beat it with my Monster Maul.
In fact, I can keep up with a gas powered hydraulic splitter (for
short periods) with it, and highly recommend it.
If you haven't heard of a Monster Maul, it is a 10 pound wedge
shape on a steel handle, like a sledge hammer and splitting wedge

The key to getting a cheap hydraulic splitter is finding a pump and
cylinder at a junk yard. From there, it's easy and not too expensive
to make your own splitter. There's really not much to it. Here in
the States, Northern Hydraulics is the most well known company
that supplies parts and plans for making your own.

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

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From: "Jon Pettyjohn"
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 10:26 AM
Subject: Wood Splitters, recommendations, plans

> Hello,
> Are any of you wood firing clayarters familiar with a device called
> a mini-splitter ? We have a good supply of free wood but we're
> having a difficult time getting our logs split. The mini-splitter
> seems like a cheap solution at under 200$ but we're a little
> reluctant to have it shipped all the way across the Pacific
> unless it works well. The thing is quite simple, powered by a
> hydraulic jack and operated by foot power, is it wishfull thinking
> for us to believe this device can solve our problem? No way
> we can afford the 1000$ ++ prices of the more powerfull ones
> on the market.
> Would anyone have any plans for building other or similar splitters?
> Doesn't seem too complicated to build, but maybe something we
> don't know ?
> You can see the thing at: