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wood ash and "charcoal-ash"

updated tue 7 aug 01


Fredrick Paget on mon 6 aug 01

The briquettes we get here are made in California and they seem to be
charcoal with about 25% clay as a binder. The ash is so copious it is a
major turnoff to using the things. We also get pure mesquite charcoal here
but it is so hard to light and so expensive that I don't use it. I have
seen it used and it doesn't leave much ash at all.

I am going to try out some of that "ash" from the briquettes as grog in
some porcelain casting slip that I have, to see what it does. It is, of
course, calcined from being burned so is no good as plastic clay. I bet it
is local Lincoln fire clay which is sold to masons here by the bag.


>My recollection of 'Charcoal-Briquettes' is that they originated with
>Mr.Ford and how he did not like to see things go to woodscraps
>and sawdust...whether before or after 'River Rouge', I do not know.

From Fred Paget, Marin County, California, USA