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charcoal/wood ash and joyce

updated wed 8 aug 01


Karen Sullivan on mon 6 aug 01

Bamboo karen here...I was the charcoal fire person...
Learned it at Pasadena City College...take a gas kiln...
turn the inside into a saggar...carve ports in the door...
load tumble stack with wads holding the work in place....
fire to cone 10...then throw in 200 pounds of mesquite charcoal...
have used the briquettes...goopy...petroleum product stuff...
prefer the mesquite.
The firings are better than woodfire...but that's my opinion.
Not as much work.
Turn your gas kiln back into a reduction kiln after...not much
damage to the kiln, tho. perhaps a little.

also regarding your question about So. Calif. groups...
I looked for a newsletter...and since I just moved I need to
dig deeper...But the Southern California Design Chapter of
the American Ceramic Society...has perhaps 4000 members...
ranging from the valley....San San Diego.
I will try to get you an address and phone...
bamboo karen

on 8/6/01 10:25 AM, Joyce Lee at joycelee@IWVISP.COM wrote:

> Phil said:
> "I hate to remind you but charcoal ash is wood ash!
> Were you talking about charcoal dust as an addition to glazes that introduces
> a local reduction."
> ------------------------------------------
> I think that may be what I was talking about, Phil.
> At one point we had a thread which mentioned charcoal or charcoal ash, but I
> had no luck finding it in the archives. Must be that the charcoal itself was
> added to the kiln through peepholes?? And maybe the charcoal ash was used
> separately as an addition to glazes??? I recall that I was fascinated, bought
> a bag of charcoal, and promptly forgot about it all. Now I'm intrigued once
> again.
> I do add slivers of wood through the peeps on occasion just before the kiln
> reaches peak temperature and have liked the results........when I added enough
> wood to make a discernible difference and with particular glazes. Dannon
> advised me on that procedure. (thank you, Dannon) But I'm always fearful that
> I'll wind up with broken, or at least disturbed, pots if the wood slivers make
> it intact into the kiln environment.
> I know that the prudent move is to simply deal with what I have ...... a gas
> reduction kiln..... and quit trying to make it into something else .... a wood
> fire kiln..... but there you are ... sometimes I'm prudent and sometimes I'm
> not.... about kilns, it's usually "not."
> Joyce
> In the Mojave where it is too hot to breathe.. and the afternoon winds are
> blowing in the alkali dust from Owens Valley to the north ... off that dry
> lake bed that was left when L. A. ripped off our water....... for shame!
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