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wood ash and joyce

updated wed 8 aug 01


Karen Sullivan on tue 7 aug 01


I get a small strainer from the kitchen, and
when I am loading glaze ware...I sprinkle ash
either over a glaze surface....or over the pot with
no glaze...interesting results both ways.
the bamboo

on 8/6/01 10:34 AM, Joyce Lee at joycelee@IWVISP.COM wrote:

> That last post triggered a reminder that I have a bushel or so of wood ash
> that somebody gave me a couple of years ago. I had no idea how to use it then
> and more or less forgot about it. Now,
> I'm a little more cognizant of possible methods of using it in/on glazes. I,
> of course, plan to experiment myself, but would appreciate any tidbits of DOs
> and DON'Ts that you might be willing to share for an ancient-lady potter who
> has a small amount of knowledge...... about which she isn't totally
> confident..... and a greater supply of ignorance. I know we've spoken of
> woodfiring and woodash many times and I have resource materials available
> which I will pursue..... but would appreciate the above if you have time and
> inclination.
> I'm thinking that the petroglyph work I'm doing might benefit from the
> addition of wood in some form or another ..... so far, they're all dark clay..
> and I have no idea how to glaze them and not lose the detail....
> Somewhere in here there is a question or two.
> Thank you.
> Joyce
> In the Mojave
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